Creepy Road 2D run-and-gun indie-game is disclosing the scenario secrets!

Groovy Milk has recently started a Creepy Road Kickstarter campaign and just in a few days Kickstarter Team marked the game with a pin “Project we Love”.

“Creepy Road is great!  We are definitely fans of the game here at Kickstarter” – Anya Combs, Games Outreach Lead at Kickstarter.




Being inspired by such a great feedback we’ve decided to share a bit more insights about what updates are planned in case of successful Kickstarter campaign.

Groovy Milk has already revealed a new location with their fans, which is called “Town”. All arts and graphics in Creepy Road are carefully handwritten. Player will have a chance to survive in crazy Circus, visit Gas station and pass through a burning Airplane, have fun at a Fair and how classic run&gun can do without a city Canalization? Many-many more colorful and dangerous places are planned to make gamer’s journey exciting, sufficiently bloody and good-looking.




Apart from graphics improvement the following features to be realized in Creepy Road:

  • Cooperation mode lovers are welcome! – Player will have a chance to play a PC or console version of Creepy Road together with his/her friends, by that reason we are planning to create 2nd Who knows whom it will be – Flint’s brother or maybe sister? Stay tuned J
  • More animation? Yes, please! – We’d like to highlight the cartoon-looking game style and add more motion videos revealing a storyline of the game.
  • Flint will not only run and shoot! – We’ll provide Flint with alternative means of transport, from bikes to aircrafts of all forms and equipment!
  • Secret hidden levels are never enough! – Creepy Road will definitely not be a boring game as we’ve planned to create a lot of non-linear levels and secret mini-locations where player will be able to pick up something super-dangerous-cool and useful!
  • Who ordered one more Hero? – We will also give our players a chance to pass the game on behalf of another game creature. Let it be a motorcycling bear or a crazy bunny – will see and will be happy to know your ideas about that!




“All these ideas and plans are not the only ones we have, since the game is under development – our players have a real chance to build a game of a dream together with us! You are welcome to share your ideas and comments at hello@groovymilk.com ” – Ilia Polutis, Art director of Creepy Road.

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Stay tuned!
Anna Ras
Groovy Milk PR Team
e-mail: anna@groovymilk.com