Creepy Road launches on PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch™ Mar 01
We have done a lot of work on optimizing the game on the console and finally, go out on March 1 on all consoles at once. Now you can feel all the joy of the game, referring us to the classic games of the 90s, in the originally conceived form. Crumble monsters, survive, die, die, die … and win!!!

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Factsheet Developer: Groovy Milk Based in Moscow, Russia Release date: Mar 01, 2019 Platforms: more

Another great weapon in Creepy Road

Hi guys! Here’s the new gameplay video. By the way in this video you can see one of the powerful guns in the game. more

Рассказ о нашем мировом турне )))

Всем привет! Вот мы и закончили свой гастрольный тур с игрой))) Чуть меньше, чем за два месяца, мы посетили четыре разные конференции в четырех странах. Вот где мы побывали: White Nights в Москве more
Hi everybody! A few months ago we met together and thought it would be great to do something interesting. So we created Groovy Milk studio and our first project is the game Creepy Road. This is classical 2d run&gun game. All as we love!
The game tells a story of an eccentric driver Flint Trucker. Heading to his native town, where his
girlfriend lives, he has a road accident and then finds himself in a forest, amongst mad animals and people. Flint is to find out what goes on and let himself out of this mess.
Game details:
– Classic 2D Run & Gun game
– Hand-drawn graphic design
– Memorable characters, beautiful setting and LOTS of weapons
– The game is to be released on PC and Mac
Release date: may 2018
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